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What Sustainability Means at By Lilla

Posted on February 22 2021

What Sustainability Means at By Lilla


We created By Lilla with the mission to reimagine the standard black elastic and breathe fun into hair ties. But, our core values upholding our mission focus on sustainability and giving back. We wanted to build a company that could leave a lasting positive impact on everyone around us.


By Lilla Sustainability | Women Supporting Women | Handmade Bracelets, Hair Ties

We believe in empowering women and giving them equal pay for equal work, because duh! We are a women-owned business, where 90% of our workforce is female. Many of us have our own children, or are planning to start their own family, so we know all the personal obligations that come with being a woman! We support each other, grow together and are constantly learning from one another. This is what makes us stronger as an organization—and makes us feel so much more like a close group of friends.

Our founders and many of our team are Colombian-born, Miami-raised. Honoring our Colombian heritage and giving back to our community is so important to us. All By Lilla hair ties are handmade in our studio in Bogotá with materials sourced from all around Colombia. We are a majority female company, committed to giving Latin American women the opportunity to earn a fair salary in a country where the gap in pay equality is way too high. For many of these strong women, crafting By Lilla hair ties gives them a chance to earn a second salary and achieve financial independence and empowerment.

By Lilla Sustainability | Honoring our Colombian Roots | Handmade Bracelets, Hair Ties
By Lilla Sustainability | Giving Back, Three Under Two Foundation, Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness | Handmade Bracelets, Hair Ties

Our special editions in our GIVE BACK collection support charities that are important to us. We teamed up with THREE UNDER TWO—an organization that offers emotional guidance, support and resources to the silent superheroes whose dream is to start their own family and have had a hard time achieving their goal. Last year we launched THINK PINK, our pink stack that supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 10% of all sales go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation— the only organization that addresses breast cancer on multiple fronts such as research, community health, global outreach and public policy initiatives in order to make the biggest impact against the disease.

We strive to create an atmosphere where everyone on our team feels motivated to create positive change in the world we live in. We are happy when our community is happy—and after all, By Lilla is all about having fun!


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