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The perfect Valentine Gift ❤

Posted on February 22 2021

The perfect Valentine Gift ❤


Valentine’s Day can mean many different things to different people, but here in ByLilla, we celebrate every type of love, especially, friendships :) This day isn’t just about celebrating romantic relationships, instead, it’s also the perfect day to celebrate your best friend and your years of friendship. Whether it’s your childhood bestie, your college roommate, or your friend from the office, Valentine’s Day is the right occasion to say thank you for all that they do!

We know that choosing the perfect gift and way to celebrate can be difficult when it’s someone you really love, so today we’ll give you the perfect tips for the Valentine’s that your bestie deserves!

Celebrate your chosen family this Valentine’s Day and tell them you love them in the best way possible: friendship bracelets!! Our ByLilla Collection, BEST FRIENDS, takes friendship bracelets to a new level with cute and special descriptions to match you and your bestie’s personality. Along with the BEST FRIENDS bracelet plan a special night with a group of your closest friends and host the perfect Valentine’s Day Party for you and your go to girls! Have an all-pink-themed party and put on your chef hat to cook your favorite meal for a great excuse to spend time with those you appreciate and love. Cut out cheese and fruit into heart shapes using a cookie cutter for the perfect appetizer for your favorite meal, and think outside the box for an adorable night to celebrate your closest friendships! We hope you’ve been inspired and with both your dinner plans and your new friendship bracelets, your gals can start a new tradition and create meaningful memories for years to come.




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