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Love is in the Hair: 5 Cute Hairstyles for Valentine's Day

Posted on February 11 2019

Love is in the Hair: 5 Cute Hairstyles for Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether you’re planning an evening of romance, a fun night out with friends or simply enjoying a night of pampering yourself—we’ve got the look for you.


Love on the Braid

This look is so cute you might catch yourself spending way too much checking the back of your head. Create a middle part and comb your hair into two sections. Use your comb to create a heart part and tie that section into a bun for the time being. Return to the first two sections and make a tight french braid along each side of your head. You can braid all the way down, or keep the braids running halfway down your head. Undo the heart bun and use a By Lilla hair elastic to keep it in place. We love DOT CHERRY for a complete Valentine’s look.


Sweet Heart

This hairstyle is so beautiful and so simple. Take two small sections of hair and tie them together at the back of your head. Take two slightly bigger sections underneath and loop them through the previous section and then tie that section. Try this style with GODDESS for the ultimate Valentine’s chicness.


Love Heart Bun

This look was created by one of our favorite influencers Sherry Maldonado and was so popular it was shared by Huda Beauty—and it’s easy to see why! Tie a hair donut into a heart shape by using three elastics and tie your hair into a basic ponytail. Thread your ponytail through the donut and secure the bun with hair pins. Decorate your love heart bun with your favorite By Lilla hair accessories. STONES & ROSES will give this style a very delicate and feminine look.


Valentine’s Roses

Create your own bouquet of roses to flaunt from your hair. To start, part the top half of your hair and secure with a hair tie. Create a smaller section of hair by parting underneath the first section and make a loose braid—or for a smaller, intricate rose, make a tighter braid—and secure it at the bottom with a By Lilla hair tie. Our Flowers Mini Elastics are perfect for this look. Wrap your braid around the top section of hair until it becomes a bun, and pin it into place. To continue, part another horizontal section and tie it together with the earlier sections. Create a smaller section below and repeat the braiding process.


Simple Romance

Keep it simple and elegant with this sweetheart side braid. Braid two sections of hair fairly close to one another on one side of your head and secure with a By Lilla hair tie. PEARLS Mini Elastics in Red are perfect for this look. Loop the braids near the top and secure with bobby pins and voilá—your hair romance is complete!


We can’t wait to see you recreate these looks—or come up with your own—with your favorite By Lilla hair ties! Be sure to leave us any tips in the comments and tag us @bylilla!


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