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Let's Summer

Posted on June 19 2019

Let's Summer
 We're officially in vacay mode and we couldn't be happier. At By Lilla, we love travel and make time for it every year. Our design process very much involves a few escapes to tropical beaches, ancient and modern cities in different continents, museums, excursions and yoga retreats, plus staycations in Miami in the summer months! Each environment and culture inspires us to create new products, color stories and unique concepts for our collections. So it's no-coincidence that this summer all you jet setters  have the perfect piece for your go-to destination.
Whether you're traveling internationally or nationally, we've got a By Lilla for you to keep your hair and style in check.

Greece Vacation Style - By Lilla

First Stop, Greece.
Goddess and Cleo were born with Greece's beautiful white-painted villages on cliffs overlooking crystal blue waters and ancient Greek cities rich of history and stories in mind. The eye & ancient coin charms along with the gold braids and chains are symbols of our favorite characteristics of this extraordinary island. The names of each piece were borrowed from mythological creatures found in Greek mythology too! 

Second stop, the Hamptons

If you live in the Northeastern coast of the USA, the Hamptons, or really any Atlantic Ocean-facing beach, becomes your home this time of year. To pay homage to the classic, American summer, we created Popsicle and Floatie, both synonyms of lounging by the pool with your friends on a hot day.

Last but not least, Costa Rica, where our co-founder Michelle is currently vacationing with her family!
The Fit. Collection is perfect for a place where you can wake up for a yoga class, spend the morning surfing and then head over to the rain forest park for a zip line adventure. Secure your pony for lots of fun throughout your day!
We'd love to see how you're using By Lilla on vacation. Don't forget to tag us on social media for a chance to be featured!





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