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Cheers to new stylish resolutions!

Posted on February 22 2021

Cheers to new stylish resolutions!

Say hello to 2020 with us, as we set our new year’s resolution to make this the best year yet! Take the “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” concept to a whole different level and start the new year right with our new By Lilla Resolutions collection. Our bracelets ❤ Hair ties will help you make your 2020 resolutions a reality by following these feel-good goals that will get you ready for the new year. Not only is our latest collection the perfect addition to your new year, but they are also eminently wearable, whatever the occasion.

This bracelet reminds you to live in the moment and stop worrying about the past or the future. By focusing on anything other than the NOW, you might miss the moment. BE PRESENT reminds you not to let life pass you by, but instead live it to the fullest.

This year it’s time to put you first. None of us are perfect, we all have to grow and continue to change, but being enough means you don’t have to prove yourself. This bracelet reminds you that you matter, and you are loved. It helps you to let go of your imperfections.

Treat your mind and body right. This bracelet reminds you to stay strong when facing adversity, but also it reminds you to build a healthy lifestyle to enjoy a stronger body and mind!

This resolution reminds you to be brave and take risks. Be decisive in your choices, and face all your challenges with your head high.

Create the narrative that you want others around you to experience. BE KIND reminds you that kindness always matters, and it can make a difference in other people’s lives, especially in your own life.

So there you have it!

Now go out and crush your goals and stay on track with your 2020 resolutions to be the best you that you can be!


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