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#ByLillaEdits Summer Trends Edition

Posted on May 20 2019

#ByLillaEdits Summer Trends Edition


Gals, summer is coming. With Memorial Day Weekend around the corner and Miami weather in full summer mode, we're talking about all things summer in our office. From travels, to wholesale shows, to bikini diets (which include chocolate after lunch right?) to fresh heat-approved wardrobe and accessories. In the midst of the sunny-season buzz, we decided to launch NEW, limited edition pieces to match all the summer feels ☀ 

Meet our collection below!

The Mermaid

With warmer and longer days here, brighter colors come too. Mermaid offers pops of neon tones you only dare to wear in the heat.

As a hair accessories brand, we’re paying homage to the scrunchie craze (& the 80s classic) We chose a  silk, cream-colored scrunchie mixed in with soft colored hair ties / bracelets to match your glass of rose



Treasure Chest & The Shell
We’ve seen shells everywhere the past two seasons and it’s needless to say that we love them too! However, we were hesitant to play into this trend because we wanted to do it right. Now, the shell fits perfectly into our current mood and our collection.
The solo shell is perfect to make a bold statement and the Treasure Chest makes mix and match easy to do.


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