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A little inside on By Lilla

Posted on February 01 2018

A little inside on By Lilla

Hi!  Happy New years, (even though it's February)!

We are very excited to be starting of the year with new and exciting Ideas!  With that said, we wanted to start a little blog about By Lilla.  Who we are, what we are about and most importantly, what is going on in the company! We'll let you know everything from sales that are happening, to “how to’s” of the product, to everything exciting happening around us! We are a Miami based company so we might just be talking about the weather a whole lot!!


So here it goes.....

By Lilla was started about seven years ago making headbands! I know headbands but remember that was the whole gossip girl era! After a couple of years and so many headbands later, we came out with our amazing hair ties that double as bracelets.  It was an obvious transition for us! We were so obsessed with the concept and the reaction that we were having, that we decided to shift the company, and concentrate only on our amazing hair ties! 


The company was growing, so many exciting changes were happening!!  We moved offices, started hiring people and moved our in-house production abroad.  We still hand make our products just not us anymore! 

This brings us to the present.... We have an amazing company, with an amazing staff, that puts up with us....And all the drama that comes with it! We are traveling to trade shows, selling to stores around the world and growing our retail business every day! We are coming up with new products daily... and I know we are not changing the world but we are trying hard to make it better! Bottom line.... WE LOVE WHAT WE DO and we hope you do too!!



Colette and Michelle

(we watched gossip girl too many times!)


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