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5 Cute Gym Hairstyles To Upgrade Your Workout

  As we wave goodbye to the boring black elastic, let's take a second to remember how it really let us down at the gym. From saggy ponytails to sweaty unwanted...


As we wave goodbye to the boring black elastic, let's take a second to remember how it really let us down at the gym. From saggy ponytails to sweaty unwanted flyaways, there's no escaping the drowned gym rat look: until now!

Have you met FIT By Lilla? Our first line of ACTIVE bracelets / hair ties that are both waterproof and sweat-proof. No metals, perfect for the gym and all outside activities. 

Stay chic while you work out with some of our favorite gym hairstyles. Because we believe in looking good no matter what!

The Braided Ponytail Medium to Long Hair

A workout classic and oh so easy to create. Keep your hair out of your face with this functional, but fabulous do. Start by brushing your hair into a tight high ponytail and secure with one of our FIT hair elastics. Divide the ponytail into three sections to make a simple braid and secure with an elastic. For a stylish minimalist two-tone look, we recommend NIGHT-GREY or PETAL-GREEN. If you're looking for a vibrant colorful look, you'll love SAHARA.

The Supermodel Top Knot Short to Medium Hair

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are queens of the effortlessly chic casual top knot. A hairstyle that will carry you from gym to brunch, the high messy bun is always a winner! To keep your hair sleek, use a texturizing spray and gently pull your hair into a tight ponytail before securing with a FIT hair elastic. For a neat bun, twist your ponytail and wrap it tightly around the base. For thin and fine hair, or if you want a more voluminous look, you could backcomb your ponytail before wrapping around the base. Whichever way you choose, secure your stylish top knot with another FIT hair tie to keep it in place. We love complementing tones like OCEAN-BEIGE and CHERRY-SAND.

The Low Braid Bun Medium to Long Hair

For a more low-intensity strength-training workout like yoga or pilates, the low braid bun will keep your hair in place while feeling loose and free. And the best part, this look is so easy that you don't even need to brush your hair! Divide your hair into three sections and start to create a loose low braid. Before you reach halfway down the braid, use a FIT hair tie to add extra decoration to your hairstyle. Once tied, continue the loose braid and tuck the end up to your hair neckline and tie it to the top of your braid with another FIT elastic. To recreate this look, use our VIOLET-WINE stack. 

The Braid-less French Braid All Hair Types

Try this simple, but sophisticated twist on the traditional French braid suitable for all hair types. Simply brush your hair and use a comb to divide it into horizontal sections. Start by combing a small section along the crown of your head as if you were creating a skinny half up high ponytail and secure with one of our FIT hair ties. Once tied, comb another section and combine it with section one, securing the hair elastic lower down the ponytail. Comb, combine, repeat! Once all your hair has been added to the braid-less braid, keep it tight by securing the final hair tie to the nape of your neck. You'll be left with a beautiful display of your FIT hair accessories in a beautiful functional gym hairstyle. For a rainbow of colors, we recommend SAHARA

The Messy Braid Ponytail All Hair Types

Get gym-ready with this look that gives a stylish edge to the standard ponytail. Give your hair a slight side part and separate a two-inch section on one side of your head. Create a loose braid with this section and braid in the direction towards the back of your head. When you reach the back, secure the braid with a FIT elastic. Gently pull each section of the braid to make it a little looser and appear fuller. Gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail and tie with another FIT hair tie. Once hair is tied up, find the original braid section and continue the braid down to the end of the hair and secure with another FIT elastic. We love DARK SAHARA or LIGHT SAHARA for this look.

Do you have any go-to gym hairstyles that need elevating? We can't wait to see how you recreate these looks or create your own!

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