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To match your perfect holiday...

Posted on February 22 2021

The end of the year is finally here and we’re so excited for a little bit of time off! The busiest time of the year is full of exciting things like travel and parties, but of course, as exam season and work will soon come to a pause, start thinking about your ByLilla bracelets to match all your holiday moods

From traveling to staying in, from hitting the slopes to tanning in the sun, here’s every ByLilla bracelet to match your dream holiday break.


Soak in the sun and enjoy the clear blue water with our (name) set! This set will add the perfect mix of style and comfort to your beach outfit. The tan shades will match all of your outfits and will help you complete a flawless boho-chic vibe.

Match our BEE-UTIFUL set with your favorite snuggly-cool outfits to keep your day as comfy as possible. Match those cozy slippers and PJs outfit with a simple ByLilla touch to complete your Christmas morning. This set will continue to help you add some color to your holiday mornings to make them even merrier and bright!

The GOOD AS GOLD set will give you the effortless but classy vibe you were looking for to match your chill plans this season. Pair your set with contrasting textures and smooth tan tones to perfect the relaxed look.

It’s all in the intricate details when it comes to style. Match your puffer coats and boots with the perfect detail for your cold-weather destination. Our BALL AND CHAIN ELASTICS will add the perfect sparkle to your classic ski look. Through mixing utility and color with this zesty accessory, you will be ready to hit the slopes in no time!


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